Pete Miller is president of the foundation. Pete is a local businessman in Glendora, California and is also a Vietnam Veteran. Pete is an avid team roper, competes locally and in the annual Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping event in Reno, Nevada, which all proceeds go to building homes for disabled homeless Veterans.

Pete initially came up with the idea of the Businessmen and women team ropers honoring and paying tribute to our combat Veterans at a local rodeo. The program continued to grow and evolved into the Veterans Benefit Team Roping Foundation. Pete was instrumental in designing and creating the horsemanship program for our Veterans and continues to work and expand this program for our Veterans.


Mark Drum is Vice President of the Veterans Benefit Team Roping Foundation. Mark is the owner of Drum Roping Co. Mark has ridden horses and team roped most of his life. Mark is also an avid team roper and competes locally and in the annual Reno Invitational Team Roping Event in Reno, Nevada, which generates income to build homes for our disabled and homeless Veterans.


Jon Van Cleave, Esq. is CEO of the foundation, a practicing business lawyer in Orange County, California and an avid team roper. Jon has also worked with Mark and his fellow team ropers in organizing benefit team roping events for our Veterans. Jon also participates in the annual Reno Rodeo Invitational Million Dollar Roping in Reno, Nevada that generates income for homeless combat veterans.


Norco, CA Born in Albuquerque a long time ago. USMC 1970- 72. Served with 1st Marines near Danang 1970-1971 . Still here! Enough said.


Linda Spear is a native of Southern California and has lived in Orange County her entire life. Her father was a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps and her mother, from Japan, was a housewife. She has three children, one daughter-in-law and one granddaughter. Linda’s passion for Veterans runs deep and stems from her father’s career in the military. She is passionate about helping those who are selfless and who have sacrificed so much for our country. Linda has also volunteered at a local farm that educates young children about raising animals for food resources and land utilization for crops.

Linda is currently the CFO for a large engineering company and heavy equipment rental company in Orange County. She has 20+ years’ experience in the construction industry and is also a licensed contractor. Prior to construction, she was a court reporter in the criminal court system for 14 years in Orange County. She is also a certified shorthand reporter.

Her hobbies include team roping, gardening, camping and spending time with her family. She is looking forward to working hard to make a positive impact on the lives of our cherished Veterans.


I am a retired police officer from the city of Long Beach. While working in Long Beach, I worked patrol, for the metro unit and was a member of the swat team.

After retiring from Long Beach, I went to law school, where I graduated with my Juris Doctorate.

After law school, I was sworn in as a member of the California Bar Association and established a law practice, focusing on family law matters. Although now semi-retired, I continued to practice law primarily in Orange County and continue to focus my practice in the area of family law.

While I have always had a love of horses, I began seriously riding approximately 17 years ago. I have focused on learning about horses and how to work in partnership with them. I enjoy team roping and work on local cattle ranches where we gather, sort and “work” cattle.
I now have the honor to work with our veterans and first responder and introduce them to these fantastic animals. The work we do with our unsung heroes is rewarding and inspiring. I am very grateful to be a part of the Veterans Benefit Team Roping Foundation and Veterans 4 Horses.


Sharon Dewdney was born and raised in Anaheim California with a passion for horses her whole life. Finally the day after turning 18 she bought her first horse and has not been without them since. She boarded that first horse in Norco then moved to the area in 1992. In 1999 she married John Dewdney who is also a volunteer for the veterans program. They are currently business people owned by their businesses and know the benefits of having horses in their lives. She also has a love for ranch living and the release it brings from long days in the business world. There have been so many experiences with horses that have had a positive effect on her life I that she enjoy sharing this with others. From 2008 thru 2017 Sharon rode and performed at rodeos with an equestrian drill team and I also had the pleasure of riding in the Tournament of Roses Parade in 2013, 2014 and 2017 with the team. She has also worked on the committee for the Norco Rodeo for many years.

Sharon began learning the team roping sport in 2013 This has brought numerous wonderful friendships and has allowed her to be involved with the Veterans Benefit Team Roping Foundation for the last three years. Being involved in marketing and coordinating aspects of business most of her life has assisted her to help the veterans program.


John A Dewdney Jr born on February 12, 1961 at Travis Air Force Base, California. He grew up in Garden Grove Ca. and graduated from Bolsa Grande high school where he enjoyed and excelled in auto body repair which, in turn, became his career. John married Sharon in 1999.

John had the love of the equestrian lifestyle as a child and would visit a local ranch where his neighbors had horses. He bought his first horse in 1985 and then moved to Norco, Ca. in 1986 in order to own horse property. The bleeding hasn't stopped since. Shortly thereafter, in 1989, he became a member of the local men's riding club, the Rocky Hill Riders, becoming Trail Boss in 1992 and club president in 1995.

They are members of Riverside Rancheros and on the board of directors of the Veterans Benefit Team Roping Foundation. Riverside Rancheros is an equestrian club with a clubhouse and a covered arena in Riverside that was established in the 1950’s. The Riverside Rancheros hold campouts, club rides and equestrian competition events in the area.